• Mainly help to welfare & death donation functions
  • Support to improve common facilities in the school
  • Organize the committee without any favoration
  • Support to welfare of the committee members
  • Continue unique interpersonal relationship between everyone
  • Help to functional work in the school - Ex:-Parties
  • Help to common functions of the students- Ex:-New Year Festival
  • Help  to common  works in the school - Ex:-Repairing



  • Maintaining annual pirith chanting ceremony and arms giving
  • Maintaining annual blood donation camp
  • Maintaining monthly poya day programme with mal poojawa
  • Maintaining arms giving for vipassiaramaya in NHSL
  • Maintaining annual vesakdansala
  • Printing vesak cards which are created by the nursing students and recognize their skills
  • Maintaining annual vesak lanterns competition
  • Maintaining posonBhakthigeetha competition
  • Grant of amnesty programmes of cattles
  • Donations for emergency disaster management




  • This society is functioning under well fare society.
  • The society consists of one treasurer and 10 committee members representing each batch.
  • All the students of the college of nursing have a membership of this society.
  • The member will receive the death donation after completing membership of one month.
  • When there are two members in a family the donation will receive only one member.
  • The death donation will receive according to the relationship to the member; Death of the member of the society: Rs.50 000.00 / Death of a parent of the member: Rs.30 000.00 / Death of aN unmarried brother or sister: Rs.15 000.00
  • The society donates a flower rid and banner in addition to money aids.
    Participation to the funeral depends according to the legislature.
  • The membership invalidate finish the training period of nursing or midwifery course.



  • Maintaining high nutritional level of hostellers.
  • Managing the budget during buy food items.
  • Giving adequate diet according to their budget.
  • Giving attention for hospitalize all student, academic and nonacademic staff.
  • Cooperating with all peoples since buying food items and providing diet.



  • Doing mind relaxation activities for the Students of School
  • PaduruSadaya
  • Watching Stage Drama
  • To improve literacy Skills of the Student
  • Conducting & Practicing School Western band
  • Publish the Annul Magazine of literacy association
  • Maintaining Notice board of literary association by Students articles
  • As a literary association giving Fullest support all Activities of School

    • Held volley ball, net ball,cricket  tournament annually to develop skills in sport.
    • Participate for the inter school tournament conducted by other school of nursing and other associations.
    • Encourage student to sporting at leisure time.
    • Maintain a fund,through fund raising activities.
    • Provide sports items to the students as their necessity.
    • Guid the nursing student to reduce their stress and improve life skills.